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Harvest Time Temple

Harvest Time Temple includes nine churches in the Philippines. The main church is in Iligan, in the province of Lanao del Norte, on the island of Mindanao.

Fellowship Bible Church - Harvest Time Temple

In 2015, Iligan had a census of 342,618. Most inhabitants are Roman Catholic; the next largest religion is Islam. In addition to worship services, the Iligan church provides 7 Sunday school classes, Bible study, leadership training, youth group, and nursery. Street children and homeless people are provided meals and showers, as well as help with personal needs. The leadership of the church participates regularly in fasting and prayer.

Eight tribal churches are located in remote areas; four are established, and others are in pioneering status. Every Daughter church sends representatives to the main church in Iligan for 6 months of Leadership training to assist the ministry. Each church has a pastor trained by Harvest Time Temple. Christianity is a new concept in these areas.

Fellowship Bible Church - Mission

The Philippines are currently under a near-total shutdown currently due to Covid-19.

Also, Muslim extremists threaten. Prayers greatly appreciated.